LSU held a seminar on the Promotion of Moral Values

25 April, 2019

The implementation of joint events and academic-educational cooperation started between Lankaran State University (LSU) and Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) under the bilateral protocol.

The seminar on Our Moral Values organized by LSU jointly with Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is a part of this activity. The seminar was attended by the officials of the Fund for Propagation of Spiritual Values under the subordination of The State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, academic staff of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology and staff and students of Lankaran State University.

Zaur Mammadov, Head of the Department of International Cooperation at Lankaran State University, mentioned protection of national and moral values, the implementation of work for the promotion of tolerance, peaceful coexistence of people belonging to different religions and developing tolerance traditions at LSU.

Presentations entitled the Role of Religion in the Development of National Identity by Agil Shirinov, Vice-rector on Science and Innovation; Our Moral Values by Mehman Ismayilov, Executive Director of the Fund for Propogation of Moral Values; Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Azerbaijan by Ahmed Niyazov, Head of the Islamic Studies Department at AIT, were delivered. The presentations mentioned the scientists and scholars of Irfan who lived in Lankaran. Participation of LSU students in the Summer School organized every year by Fund for Propogation of Moral Values and organization of joint events were discussed in the meeting.

At the end of the meeting questions were responded.

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