Lawyer’s activity

  • Ensuring the implementation of the Institute’s activity according to the legislation
  • Preparing and developing internal normative documents
  • Organizing the activities involving the compilation of contracts prepared by the Institute
  • Ensuring the protection of the Institute’s legal interests in the courts, state bodies, individual and legal entities on the basis of attorney
  • Organizing and implementing legal analysis and expertise
  • Providing legal advice to the structural subdivisions and employees of the Institute

Functions of the lawyer

  • Ensuring the compliance with the legislative requirements and the protection of legal interests of the Institute and employees
  • Ensuring the compliance of the projects prepared in the Institute with the requirements of the legislation and participating in the preparation of these documents
  • Participating in the implementation of measures to strengthen the labor discipline in the Institute
  • Providing advice to executors on the implementation of orders and legal acts issued by the Institute
  • Helping social organizations
  • Promoting legal knowledge
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