Student Scientific Society

The Student Scientific Society of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (SSS) is a public organization of students who study their bachelor's and master's degrees and actively participate in scientific researches.
The main objective of the Student Scientific Society is to assist the Institute in the implementation of scientific and organizational measures aimed at improving the quality of specialist training, preservation of academic and technical potential and adaptation of researchers to new socio-economic conditions.
The Student Scientific Society’s responsibilities include:

  • organizing research activities and involving students in these activities
  • promoting the different forms of scientific creativity among students and creating the interest of them in these forms
  • creating motivation for students to explore research and scientific methodologies and encourage them to master the materials in a profound and creative way
  • shaping creative attitude of students to their speciality through the help of research activities
  • teaching students the methods and means of independent ways of solving scientific-technical and economic issues
  • involving talented students in scientific researches and high technologies
  • selecting successful young people for the scientific and scientific-educational specialist training and preparing them for research activities
  • cooperating with Student Scientific Societys of other higher education institutions and applying advanced modern forms and methods of student scientific research works
  • ensuring students’ participation in various events, scientific seminars, conferences, as well as competitions, including dissertation competitions, Olympiads, discussion clubs, symposium and lectures by well-known scholars
  • preparing students’ reserch works for publication
  • involving students in innovation activities to develop innovation habits
  • involving students in students' scientific centers, technoparks, idea incubators and other type of activities
  • collecting, disseminating and sharing information about institutional and extra-curricular activities on the Institute's web-site

The Student Scientific Society members
1. Nijat Ehtibaroghlu – Chair
2. Elnara Aghaoghlu – Deputy chair
3. Emin Orujov – Deputy chair
4. Shahin Alasgarov – member
5. Leyla Salayeva – member
6. Aisha Bakhshiyeva – member
7. Shams Baghirova – member
8. İnji Baghirova - member
9. Gulnar Ibishova – member

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