Academic Departments

Education at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is carried out in two directions: Islamic Studies and Religious Studies. Islamic Studies major includes the subjects that provide the study of the theological, historical, sociological, psychological and philosophical aspects of Islam. Apart from the traditional Islamic sciences, the subjects such as sociology of religion, psychology of religion, philosophy of religion, history of religions, and others have been included in the standards of the major. Graduates of Islamic studies are expected to act as religious figures, as well as Islamic religious experts. Based on the reality of local standards, the Institute also benefited from the standards of the world universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, California State University and other leading universities. These standards include subjects, which study major world religions such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hindu and Chinese religions. Both Islamic studies and Religious studies majors include subjects on multiculturalism, history of Azerbaijan, philosophy, logic as well as Arabic and English languages. Apart from the existing two majors, the Institute plans to train theologian educators in the coming years.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology has the academic potential to provide high quality education. Classes are conducted by the academics who deliver lectures in Azerbaijani, English, Arabic and have profound academic knowledge in their field. Together with local instructors, there are scholars who are engaged in academic activities in different countries such as Turkey, Great Britain, USA, Iran, Syria and Portugal.

The language of instruction is Azerbaijani. The Institute also plans to train specialists in Russian, English and Arabic in the future and organize special courses to teach ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit languages for the study of the sacred texts of the world religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology has the following academic departments:

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