Department of General Affairs

Department of Human Resources and General Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is the structural body established under Azerbaijan Institute of Theology according to President’s Order “On the Establishment of the Institute of Theology” No 3654 dated 9 February 2018.

Department is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Labor Code, the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, instructions of the Department, normative legal acts of The State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter - SCWRA) and other central executive bodies, orders of the rector, the Charter of the Institute and this Regulations.

Activities of the department

  • Ensuring the compliance of stationery with the relevant instructions
  • Providing office and secretarial activity of the Institute on a single system
  • Controlling over the punctual delivery of outgoing documents, execution and quality of them, delivery of the rector’s instructions and orders to the appropriate structural subdivisions and bodies
  • Analyzing executive discipline in the Institute
  • Ensuring punctual and operative delivery of the incoming and outgoing documents
  • Systematizing and maintaining current archive documents
  • Keeping records of document circulation and preparing them for archive

Functions of the department

  • Providing protection of information and documents that are confidential and restricted
  • Controlling over the office and secretarial activity
  • Reviewing the quality of the documents submitted for the signature of the Institute leadership
  • Carrying out receipt, registration, storage and delivery of documents (incoming and outgoing) (including electronic systems)
  • Providing the appropriate mode for using data in the documentation

Şöbə müdiri

Samira Agayeva

Senior specialist

Farhad Alakbarov

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