Department of Academic Affairs

Department of Academic Affairs is one of the leading structural bodies of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology. The mission of the department is to improve education in the Institute based on international experience and integrate it into the world leading educational system.
Directions of department’s activity include:

  • Supervision of the quality of educational programs, assessment of teachers' performance and students’ skills
  • Supervision of the organization of quality assurance issues in faculty and departments
  • Supervision of the preparation of all statistical information on education process
  • Control of annual course load for the academic year, formation of annual course load based on students’ choice, compliance with the curriculum and their implementation
  • Organization of meetings and surveys to achieve the quality of education
  • Implementation of monitoring based on progressive educational methods and preparation of necessary proposals with the help of systematic analysis
  • Organization of conferences, workshops and trainings related to teaching improvement issues

Leila Salayeva

Head of the Department of Academic Affairs

Aygun Shavatova

Senior specialist

Aisha Bakshiyeva

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