Mission and vision

According to the President’s decree No. 3654 dated February 9, 2018, Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) was established under the subordination of the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Faculty of Theology, which was the structural part of Baku State University, was included in the structure of the newly established Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology has one faculty (Faculty of Theology) and three academic departments (Religious Studies, Islamic Stuides and Languages and Social Sciences). Currently, 200 students are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs and 5 in master’s degree programs. The number of academic staff is 54.


  • To ensure the needs of Azerbaijani people in the field of religious education based on international standards
  • To conduct and publish researches in the field of theology complying with international standards
  • To educate religious figures who tolerate all confessions and doctrines with profound knowledge about Islam and other world religions
  • To contribute to the national and cultural development of Azerbaijan by preservation of national, religious and moral values

Core values of AIT
Transparency is a prioritized value in every field that AIT participates. AIT is convinced that transparency will increase the efficiency.

Impartiality is a core value demonstrating that AIT will collaborate with each institution and community within the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan. AIT is ready to collaborate with each religious confession for the protection of values and establishment of peace.

Social responsibility is a value that AIT adopted and instilled in its academic staff and students. AIT is actively involved in social projects and is ready to collaborate with secondary schools and higher education institutions in religious and psychological fields.

High academic quality is the core value that AIT prioritizes in the field of training, teaching, and research. AIT recognizes all religious and ethnic differences as a core value. Our institute has developed the curriculum of the courses taught in accordance with modern educational standards.

Strategic map
AIT is forming its strategic plan for 2018-2021 years in four main directions.
1. Formation of AIT structure
2. Education and training
3. Organization of research and academic publications
4. Cooperation in the national and international world

AIT strategic goals

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