AIT holds conference on Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's Way in the War of Independence

03 July, 2021

A scientific conference on "Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's Way in the War of Independence," organized by Azerbaijan Institute of theology (AIT) and Azerbaijani Turkish Hearths (Azerbaycan Türk Ocakları), has begun on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of prominent Azerbaijani statesman and socio-political figure Nasib bey Yusifbeyli.

The national anthems of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey were performed at the event. Following that, a minute of silence was observed in commemoration of those who died during the 44-day war.

After welcoming the conference attendees with his opening speech, AIT rector Agil Shirinov, remembered the martyrs of the 44-day Patriotic War and prayed for the speedy recovery the veterans.

The rector emphasized that Nasib bey Yusifbeyli dedicated his life to his people and that, despite his short life, he had enormous contributions. Throughout his life and career, he has consistently strived for the development of Azerbaijan.

A.Shirinov also commended Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's work in Turkey, saying that he thought in an all-Turkic context and constantly reflected this in his public activities. Speaking on N. Yusifbeyli's work following the proclamation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the rector emphasized that his services in the enlightenment of the people throughout his tenure were invaluable.

Akif Ashirli, head of the Azerbaijani Turkish Hearth, delivered a speech. He welcomed the guests and thanked everyone for attending the meeting. He emphasized Yusifbeyli's importance in Azerbaijan's history in the National Freedom Movement. Emphasizing that Yusifbeyli was one of the main figures of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Akif Ashirli lauded his activities as Prime Minister and Minister of Education.

The speaker wished success to the meeting arranged to fulfill a portion of duty before Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's memory.

Cahit Bağcı, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Azerbaijan, delivered a speech.

Welcoming the visitors, the ambassador emphasized the importance of strengthening and sustaining Turkish-Azerbaijani friendly and fraternal relations, which have historical roots and would be strengthened and maintained not just in science, education, and culture, but in all spheres.

The ambassador discussed Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's activity to educate 100 students overseas, particularly during the Democratic Republic, and his great engagement throughout his term as Minister of Education.

Following that, Professor Mehmet Oz, General Director of Turkish Hearths, joined the meeting online and welcomed the attendees. The establishment of Turkish Hearths had an impact on the activity of people who had served during this time. He commended Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's services, highlighting his work in Turkey, particularly his indisputable commitment to young people's education

MP Fazil Mustafa welcomed the conference and expressed special gratitude to the organizers after speaking about Nasib bey Yusifbeyli, who played a special role in Azerbaijan's independence history.

The MP emphasized the importance of historians studying the events surrounding Yusifbeyli's unfortunate death, praising his contribution to Azerbaijan's history. He also emphasized the significance of researching N.Yusifbeyli's role in the formation of the "Difai" group, as well as his interactions with Ismayil bey Gasprali.

Jeyhun Mammadov, a member of parliament, delivered a speech. In his address, the MP went into great depth about Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's sociopolitical activity. During his term, he recognized the establishment of Baku State University, the efforts of hundreds of students to study abroad, the placement of national staff among government personnel, and a variety of issues relating to the mother tongue. In particular, he commended the importance of the conference dedicated to the person who committed himself to his people and nation, alluding to the important components in Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's father's letter to him.

Cezmi Bayram, Head of Turkish Hearths' Istanbul branch, also joined the conference online and greeted the attendees. He discussed N. Yusifbeyli's life, which ended tragically. Noting his involvement throughout the Republican era, he remarked of his essential contributions to the building of national consciousness.

The conference continued its work with panels. The scientific conference was attended by professors and scholars from Azerbaijani and Turkish universities.

It should be noted that the conference on "The Way of Nasib bey Yusifbeyli in the War of Independence," held on the occasion of Nasib bey Yusifbeyli's 140th anniversary in connection with current pandemic conditions, was held online, both traditionally and through the program "ZOOM."

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