Professor of Kars Kafkas University holds webinar for AIT students

22 December, 2021

Students of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) attended online webinar presented by Hajali Najafoglu, Professor of Kars Kafkas University. The webinar was dedicated to Islamic names and sacred expressions as geometric patterns and was organized through Zoom.

The event was attended by AIT students and staff.

Speaking on the evolution of culture and art throughout Islamic history, the professor discussed his research on Islamic names and religious traces in monuments that have survived to the present day. H. Najafoglu displayed samples of monuments from throughout the world and described geometric patterns from an Islamic perspective.

The professor thoroughly explained the meaning of each figure and showed images and samples from monuments in many countries - Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, India, Syria, and the historic region of Azerbaijan, Yerevan - when explaining the form of geometric patterns in Islam.
The webinar was followed by a discussion with students.

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