AIT instructors attended international conference in Arab Republic of Egypt

02 April, 2019

On March 23-24, 2019, Faculty of Philology at Suez Canal University and Faculty of Center of Sciences at Aswan University of Egypt held the 11th International Conference on Arab Literary Environments. Associate Professor Ilkin Alimuradov, head of the department of Languages and Social Sciences at AIT made a speech on The Role of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after academician Ziya Bunyadov in the study of Arabic literature. Shams Baghirova, Senior specialist for International Relations at AIT made a presentation on the Theory of Abdul Gahir al-Jurjani (based on the examples from Al-Mutanabbi poetry).

Mr. Ilkin Alimuradov touched upon the Azerbaijani ancient history, culture, its role in the development of science and religion. He emphasized the importance of Azerbaijani educational institutions in the study of Arabic language and literature and gave detailed information about the establishment and development of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, scholarly activity of academician Z.B.Munyadov. Mr Alimuradov said the study of Arabic language and literature is not limited with the researches of Institute of ANAS Oriental Studies, it is also investigated by a number of universities of the republic, including Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, Baku State University, Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku Eurasia University and other universities.

Talking about the creativity of outstanding linguist Abdul Gahir al-Jurjani and the great Arabic poet, Al-Mutanabbi, Ms. Shams Bagirova touched upon a number of important issues. She addressed to the founder of the theory of poetry al-Jurjani’s Dalail al-Ijaz and analyzed Al-Mutanabbi’s poems from the aspect of poetry.

The AIT colleagues also gave detailed information about the establishment and activity of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology and the implemented projects.

The delegation visited Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Arab Republic of Egypt with the participation of Emil Rahimov and Seymur Nasirov, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Diaspora Organizations Association in Egypt, Director General of Halqa Foundation and Azerbaijani language teacher at Cairo University.

During the meetings, the parties exchanged views on the establishment of relations with the relevant institutions of Egypt, study of foreign experience, existing opportunities and future prospects.

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