AIT students visited the martyr’s family

03 April, 2019

A group of students from Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) visited the family of Fakhraddin Gurbanli, who was martyred in April Battles in 2016.

The students further visited Fakhraddin Gurbanly’s grave and paid tribute to the memory of the martyrs who lost their lives for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in April of 2016.

Fakhraddin Gurbanli was born on January 13, 1994 in Baku. He completed his secondary education in 2011 and entered the Faculty of Social Work at Azerbaijan University.
Fakhraddin Gurbanli died heroically during the suppression of the Armenian provocation in early April 2016. On April 9, he was buried in Sabunchu district of Baku, where he was born.

According to the Order of the President IlhamAliyev the medal for his distinction in military service was awarded to the martyr posthumously.

April Battles once again demonstrated that under the supervision of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani Army was among the mighty armies for its military potential, combat capability and supply. Carrying out a successful counter-attack against the next incursion of the Armenian armed forces, the Azerbaijani Army freed thousands of hectares of land from invasion and returned strategically important areas.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology consistently conducts events, meetings and roundtables in the direction of development of youth in the spirit of patriotism, promotion of national-moral values and remembrance of the memory of the martyrs.

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