AIT held a seminar on Quranic Texts as the Sources of Reform

20 May, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology held a seminar on Quranic Texts as the Sources of Reform in the presentation of Nariman Gasimov, researcher of Oriental Studies.

Welcoming the meeting attendees, Agil Shirinov, AIT Vice-rector on Science and Innovations, noted that regular roundtables, trainings, seminars and meetings on various topics are aimed at educating students. He stressed that the active participation of students in these events is of great importance for the improvement of their knowledge, formation of public speaking skills and enrichment of thoughts with social importance.

Nariman Gasimov, researcher of Oriental Studies, delivered a presentation on Quranic Texts as the Sources of Reform. He emphasized that one of the meanings of the Quran is “to study” and the notion of reform has particular importance in the texts of the holy book. He noted that the Quran attaches special importance to education and research. Emphasizing the relevance of the Quran in all periods, N.Gasimov stressed that the holy book preserves its significance regardelss of time. The Quran is a heavenly book that teaches humans justice, invites them to perform good actions and stay away from evil. At the same time, it is a rich source showing the salvage ways to humans introducing them to the treasure of sciences. In order to understand the way Quran enlightens our future, we need to study the period before its advent.

The seminar continues with interesting discussion and questions.

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