“Bir” Student-Volunteer Program has held a presentation at AIT

24 October, 2019

“Bir” Student-Volunteer Program has held a presentation at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology.

AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov, shared his recommendations with young people and encouraged them to participate in volunteer activities, work hard for the development of our country and represent Azerbaijan at local and international events. He noted that this project will contribute to the personal development of young people, gain experience in various fields, improve their knowledge and skills as well as their student life.

Jeyhun Mammadov noted that volunteer activity in our country is developing and the number of volunteers is growing. He said that President Ilham Aliyev’s law on voluntary activity, dated on June 9, 2009, increased the role of volunteers in important competitions and international events around the country. Currently, volunteer activities are being promoted in various government agencies of the country, and conditions are created for the development of volunteer activity.

Giving detailed information about the creation of the Student Volunteer Program, Janoglan Ilyasov, Project manager of “Bir” Student-Volunteer Program, said that the Ministry of Education launched this project for students’ development. J.Ilyasov gave detailed information about the launch of program, activities, aims, advantages and opportunities for young people. He noted that the program was created to systematize volunteer activities, create a culture of volunteerism, broaden students’ worldviews and increase their social engagement by involving them in volunteering activity without distancing them from their academic activity. He noted that trainings, courses, seminars, internships and exchange programs are regularly conducted for student volunteers.

J.Ilyasov also mentioned the importance of being a volunteer for the prospective young people. He emphasized the achievements of active volunteers and their worthy representation of the country in international forums.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology implements various projects for effective organization of students’ leisure time activities, development of their outlook, polemical abilities as well as organization of seminars, roundtables and trainings.

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