Teacher is your guest project

16 April, 2024

As part of the "Teacher is your guest" project at the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), visits to students’ families are ongoing.

Recently, Assoc. Elnura Azizova, Dean of the Faculty of Theology at AIT, together with Ph.D. Faig Ahmadzadeh and Assoc. Prof. Rashad Mustafa from the Department of Islamic Studies, paid visits to the families of first-year students residing in Sabunchu, Nizami, and Khatai districts.

Parents were informed about the academic and learning opportunities available to students at AIT, including a range of courses aimed at enhancing their knowledge and skills as well as ongoing development projects. Discussions were held with parents regarding students' achievements, academic and creative abilities and ideas for their future prospects during the first academic year.

The parents, who expressed gratitude for the support provided to students by the leadership and teaching staff, headed by Assoc. Prof. Agil Shirinov, Rector of AIT, conveyed their willingness to collaborate in preparing their children as professionals who will contribute to society in the religious and spiritual domains in the future.

It is worth mentioning that the goal of the "Teacher is your guest" project is to enhance students’ academic performance, strengthen the relationship between families and the educational institution, and assess the potential for training religious and Islamic scholars who are equipped to meet contemporary demands.

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