AIT has held a training on Effective Learning Methods

23 October, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) has held a training on Effective Learning Methods.

Zarifa Aliyeva, Head of the Department of Academic Affairs, organizing events on various topics, the Institute aims to enrich students’ world outlook, intellectual level and their involvement in academic researches. Mentioning the the importance of the issue, Z.Aliyeva stressed that such events play a significant role in the development of students’ reading, responsibility and self expression skills.

Fakhraddin Abdullayev mentioned the changes, their strength, self-confidence and internal discipline. He informed the participants about “What is self-confidence and how is it measured?”, “Priorities and comprehension”, “The essence and philosophy of internal discipline”, “Time management” “Health skills” and “The discipline of courage”. He further noted that self-confidence is a crucial factor for a happy and successful life.

The training continued around the discussions and answers to students’ questions.

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