Students visit State Archive of Literature and Art

09 April, 2024

In line with the 2024 work plan of the State Archive of Literature and Art named after Salman Mumtaz, as approved by the National Archives Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an excursion was arranged for students from the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology in collaboration between the Institute and the Archive.

During the excursion, the director of the archive, Konul Nasibova, addressed the students and gave information on the organization of archive work, document protection, registration, assembly, use, information provision and digitization.

Shalala Bakhshaliyeva, Deputy Director of the archive, introduced the students to the collections of national literary and art figures as well as prominent cultural representatives such as Aziz Sharif, Alasgar Alekbarov, Aliagha Vahid, Fatma Mukhtarova, Darabli Rza Najafli oglu and others. These collections are permanently preserved in the archive. She also discussed the various ways in which these documents can be utilized and provided a brief overview of their forms.

The books printed using the ancient lithography method from fund No. 255, attributed to the renowned literary critic and scholar Aziz Sharif, caught the attention of students, along with documents written in the Arabic alphabet and those containing religious content from other funds. The archivists provided students with detailed information on the origin and content of these documents.

Subsequently, the students familiarized themselves with the archives and the scientific information available.

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