AIT holds student seminar

31 May, 2022

On the initiative of the Student Youth Organization (SYO), a seminar was held at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT).

Orkhan Abishli, a fourth-year student at AII Faculty of Theology, spoke on "Body language: the secrets of the subconscious" as part of the project "Student Seminars."

Explaining the difference between consciousness and subconsciousness and their impact on our lives, Orkhan Abishli provided detailed information on the subject.

He then discussed the significance of body language in reflecting human emotions and thoughts. He gave a detailed presentation on basic communication principles, communication zones, greeting types, and the universality of body language. Orkhan Abishli and the participants identified their characteristics in body language as he expressed his views on the actions that make a person strong and weak.

It should be noted that seminars are organized by students of higher education institutions as part of the "Student Seminars" project of the AIT Student Youth Organization. The goal is to demonstrate students' level of knowledge and skills, to increase their interest in scientific activities, and to accomplish their activity in this direction.

The seminar continued with discussions.

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