AIT department of Islamic Studies holds its online meeting on Microsoft Teams

11 July, 2020

Department of Islamic Studies at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held its online meeting via Microsoft Teams platform.

The meeting discussed the organization of education during the pandemic and the results of the summer exam session. It also reviewed the opportunities of the strategic direction of online education, current status of teaching and research work of the department staff, the process of preparation of textbook and teaching aids.

During the meeting, department teachers shared their experiences in the development of online teaching quality and mentioned various factors that affect the effectiveness of teaching. Various proposals were introduced to prepare for the next academic year and to ensure effective involvement of students in the educational process in the case of similar situations. As the summer season coincides with the special quarantine period, teachers discussed their recommendations on the organization of students’ leisure time.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan Institute of Theology finalized the summer exam session of the 2019-2020 academic year for bachelor’s and master’s degree students. The five-week session was held orally online on the Microsoft Teams platform according to the approved exam schedule.

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