AIT holds demonstration lessons

12 September, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) is continuing to organize demonstration lessons for the recruitment of teachers. The Institute administration and teaching staff attend the demonstration lessons. The main purpose of the lessons is to recruit professional specialists with deep knowledge in their fields.

AIT pays special attention to the selection of academic staff to achieve its goals. The recruitment process is carried out by a commission consisting of the administrative and teaching staff of the Institute. The selection process consists of three stages and CVs are reviewed in the first stage. Successful candidates are invited to a demonstration lesson. The main focus is on the general knowledge and skills of teachers, their explanatory skills and the use of modern teaching materials. In the final stage, members of the commission and participating teachers make final decisions on the recruitment of applicants.

Along with religious sciences, the Institute offers the study of the subjects such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, multiculturalism, Azerbaijani language and speech culture, information studies for the preparation of highly qualified specialists. The Institute also establishes international cooperation with the foremost universities of the world to benefit from their experience and implement student and teacher exchanges.

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