AIT awards staff and students with the certificates of gratitude

30 December, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held a meeting on the results of the year with the participation of the institute administration, teachers and students.

Welcoming the participants, AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov expressed his sincere wishes on the occasion of 31 December, Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis and the New Year. He noted that the development of science and education, preparation of highly qualified specialists and capacity building are important issues in the country. Mentioning the exceptional historical services of national leader Heydar Aliyev in the development of education and culture, the Rector said that the policy formed by National Leader is now pursued by President Ilham Aliyev with great strength and will.

Speaking about the results of the first half of the 2019-2020 academic year, J.Mammadov said, “We are striving for ensuring the level of education meeting international standards as well as the state’s prospects and I think we have achieved this to some extent”.

Emphasizing the importance of conferences, seminars, roundtables, meetings and trainings in the current year, AIT rector said that such events are of special significance in the development of our students. J.Mammadov also mentioned academic publications, newspapers and journals as the achievements of the Institute staff. He said that more than 15 books have been published thanks to the efforts of the academic staff of the Institute throughout the year.

The rector stressed that educating young people as intelligent specialists with broad outlook is one of the key issues ahead of us.

AIT rector further noted that contributing to the comprehensive development of the country is the duty of each young person. He noted that strengthening our statehood aims to contribute to the development of the younger generation in a patriotic spirit.

At the end, the Institute staff and students differing for their activity were awarded with the certificates of gratitude.

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