Exam session at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology

17 January, 2023

The Public Monitoring Council members observed the progress of the winter examination session, which was led by the Azerbaijan Theological Institute (AIT).
Members of the Public Monitoring Council watched the exam session in various subjects and visited the lecture halls where the exams were held. Council members discussed the students’ preparation for the session, the formulation of questions, and the examination process.

Operational Headquarters was established in the winter session of the academic year 2022-2023 to ensure that the exams are held in accordance with the relevant instructions and regulations, to immediately investigate any negative situations that may arise and take appropriate measures as well as to organize the session transparently and in accordance with normative documents. In addition, the members of the Monitoring Council were informed that examinations are typically held in written form, with oral exams held only when necessary. It was noted that the Institute leadership established a special commission to organize the examination session in accordance with the existing rules, and the examinations are supervised by teachers-coordinators. The exams were separated by a minimum of two days, with each exam lasting two hours.

The Public Monitoring Council aims to implement public control over the Institute activities, to organize effective interactions between the Institute and the public, to ensure openness and transparency, to protect the rights of employees and students, and to make recommendations for improving their activities.

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