Winter School organized by AIT continues with seminars and visits

05 February, 2020

The winter school on Religion, Culture and Society-2 organized by Azerbaijan Institute of Theology in Gabala continues with seminars and visits.

Students visited Gabala Central Mosque next day of the winter school. It was noted the mosque holds a total of 600 believers, including 450 men and 150 women at the same time.

The walls of the mosque display suras excerpted from the Holy Quran, and the columns are embellished with religious symbols using brilliant examples of the Azerbaijani and Eastern ornamental schools. The yard of the mosque includes classrooms, library, lecture halls, ceremony halls, dastamaz rooms for women and men and other auxiliary buildings.

During their excursion to Soltannukha Tomb, students were informed about the place. Visitors were informed that the history of the tomb dates back to 200 years. It was noted that 179 years ago, a clergyman named Sheshpar lived in the place. He had considerable services in the religious field; however, it is unknown if he wrote books on religion.

The students then listened to the lecture on Monuments in Azerbaijan presented by Fariz Khalili, Chairman of MIRAS Cultural Heritage Association. Stressing that the construction of the oldest Islamic archaeological monuments in Azerbaijan dates back to the 8th century and the early 9th century, F.Khalilli recommended students to gain deep knowledge of modern Azerbaijani and world archeology. He stressed that one of the primary directions of the state policy in Azerbaijan is the protection of our material and cultural heritage.

F.Khalili gave detailed information about our monuments located in Gabala.

It should be noted that winter school aims to enrich students’ world outlook and familiarize them with the multicultural and tolerant environment in our country.

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