AIT leadership visit academician Vasim Mammadaliyev’s grave

13 October, 2020

The leadership of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) visited the grave of prominent oriental scholar and theologian, one of the translators of the Holy Quran into Azerbaijani, Honored Scientist, Winner of the Order of Honor and Glory, academician Vasim Mammadaliyev on the anniversary of his death.

AIT rector Agil Shirinov recalled his memories of the academician. The rector mentioned his high human qualities, strong spirituality, inimitable services in his field, and said that his students successfully continue the school founded by him. Noting that V.Mammadaliyev contributed to the promotion of Islamic values, A.Shirinov said that the scholar left a distinguished school behind him. AIT rector noted that the former Faculty of Theology of Baku State University educated specialists with high moral qualities under the leadership of Vasim Mammadaliyev.

It was also mentioned that the scholar left valuable works for us and translated the Holy Quran into Azerbaijani for the first time during the Soviet regime. First published in 1991, this translation has been published 10 times in different years.

The visitors laid flowers at the grave and paid tribute to the scholar’s memory.

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