AIT rector visits Russian Federation

21 May, 2019

On May 20-21, 2019, Jeyhun Mammadov, Rector of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) was at National Library of Russia in the frame of his visit to Russian Federation. During the acquaintance with the books in Azerbaijani section, the Rector was informed that 55000 books in Azerbaijani are maintained in the library. Among them, Kashf-ul-Haqaiq by great Azerbaijani scholar Mirmahammad Karim al-Bakuvi, the original copies of Molla Nasraddin periodical, Akinchi newspaper and other valuable works are kept.

AIT rector further visited the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Jeyhun Mammadov met with Irina Popova, Director of the Institute and Stanislav Prozorov, researcher of Islamic Studies.

During the meeting, Irina Popova emphasized that relations between two countries are at a high level and the Institute established relations with academic institutions of Azerbaijan. She expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration and said joint activity of two higher education institutions will be beneficial.

Jeyhun Mammadov expressed his satisfaction with the high level of bilateral relations, respect and mutual trust between two countries and said he believes that bilateral relations will continue to develop. Speaking about Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, AIT rector said the Institute attaches particular importance to the establishment of international relations and mutual exchange of experiences.

The parties exchanged views on mutual educational and academic understanding, long-term cooperation, application of achievements in the educational process, establishment and development of cultural ties.

Apart from this, mutual exchange of academic information, experience, organization of the educational process, research programs, joint organization of projects and other issues were discussed.

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