The members of AIT Public Supervisory Council and media observe exam session of spring semester

24 June, 2019

The members of AIT Public Supervisory Council and media representatives observed the exam process at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology. They visited the exam venues and observed the exam process held on separate disciplines. Council members and media representatives as well as students discussed preparation for exam, compilation of exam questions and the exam process.

AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov informed the members of the Council and media representatives about the exam process and responded to questions from media representatives. An Operational Exam Board has been established to investigate and resolve dissatisfactions concerning exams, ensure that the 2018-2019 academic year’s summer exams are held in accordance with the relevant guidelines and regulations and organize the session according to transparent and normative documents. Jeyhun Mammadov further informed the members of the Supervisory Council that the exams are held in written form, in some cases, oral exams are organized when there is necessity. A special commission has been organized to ensure that the exams are held in accordance with the relevant guidelines and teacher-invigilators are appointed to supervise the exams. Exam dates were appointed at least with two days between them.

The necessary conditions have been created for the participation of public representatives as observers to ensure the objectivity of the assessments of students’ knowledge. Suggestion boxes were placed in front of the examination venues. The main purpose in the establishment of Public Supervisory Council is to control the activities of AIT, organize effective interaction between the Institute and the public, ensure transparency, protect the rights of academic staff and students, and provide suggestions for the improvement of the performance.

The Public Supervisory Council members include Alimammad Nuriyev, Head of the Constitutional Research Fund, member of the Joint Human Rights Group; professor Shahlar Askerov, educational expert; Nadir Israfilov, educational expert; Arzu Nagiyev, Deputy Director General of Trend News Agency; Vugar Rahimzadeh, Editor-in-Chief of the “Two Sahil” Newspaper; Anar Yusifoglu, Director of Department for Public-Political Programs at Azerbaijan Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Agency; Elshad Eyvazli, Director of and Sevinj Garayeva, correspondent of the “525th newspaper”.

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