AIT held a meeting with writers

29 April, 2019

On April 29, 2019, Student Scientific Society (SSS) at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology organized a meeting with Sharif Agayar and Mirmehdi Agaoglu.

Associate Professor Ilkin Alimuradov, Head of the Department of Languages and Social Sciences, welcomed the event participants and said that roundtables, seminars and trainings organized by the Institute on various issues have special importance from the aspect of improving students’ world outlook, encouraging them for academic researches and enriching their knowledge. Emphasizing the considerable work implemented in the field of education at AIT, I.Ilimuradov talked about the essence of the meeting and noted the importance of communication with the authors and writers for the development of young people.

Writer Sharif Agayar said the organization of such events in the Institute are commendable. He said it is remarkable that students are willing to read and discuss modern authors. Speaking about his literary creativity, the writer said he enjoys communicating with books. He mentioned the importance of books in human life and said we must feed our souls with books as we feed our body.

Mirmehdi Agaoglu mentioned the study of Azerbaijani literature in his speech and the interest of the students in contemporary writers. He noted that writing is a serious activity which changes society and shapes certain public opinion. He further informed the participants about his creative activity.

Mirmehdi Agaoglu recommended students to spend more time with books and mentioned the special role of reading in the intellectual development of youth.

The meeting continued with discussions around the topic.

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