AIT held a seminar on Fasting in Islam

16 May, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held a seminar on Fasting in Islam with the presentation of Ahmed Niyazov.

Ahmed Niyazov, Head of the Department of Islamic Studies, welcomed the seminar attendees and mentioned the role of roundtables, trainings, seminars and meetings in the development of students’ world-outlook and their involvement in academic research along with the effective organization of educational process.

Ahmed Niyazov delivered a speech on Fasting in Islam informing the seminar attendees about the month of Ramadan. He emphasized that fasting existed in the most religious systems in pre-Islamic period. Ahmed Niyazov noted that Ramadan is the month of friendship, love, kindness and generosity which invites people to unite for the sake of goodwill and kindness. Ramadan has a special role in strengthening human relations.

Ahmed Niyazov mentioned Ramadan as an opportunity from the aspect of establishment of social justice. He stressed that like all Islamic rituals, fasting has substantial and insubstantial aspects. The substantial part includes abstaining from food, drink and sexual activity starting from the prayers performed at dawn till the evening prayer. The insubstantial aspect deals with nurturing human soul with moral principles of Islam.

Ahmed Niyazov said fasting aims to understand people who experience constant hunger and feel psychological and biological conditions caused by hunger and poverty.
One of the major factors that maintain the unity of society is the tolerant behavior of people to different opinions.

The seminar continued with interesting discussions and questions.

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