The seminar by Ehsan Sadiq Mohammed Al Lawati organized at AIT has come to an end

28 August, 2019

The seminar on The Main Causes of Language Errors in Modern Arabic Expressions by Ehsan Sadiq Mohammed Al Lawati, Instructor of Arabic Language and Literature department at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of Sultan Qaboos University, has finished.

Moderator of the seminar Ilkin Alimuradov, Head of the Department of Languages and Social Sciences, thanked attendees for their participation drawing attention to the relevance of the topic. He stressed that the Institute is interested in the organization of acaemic conferences, seminars and roundtables.

On the next day of the seminar, Dr. Ihsan Sadiq Mohammed Allawati made a speech on The Main Causes of Language Errors in Modern Arabic Expressions. The lecture covered the differences and incompatibilities between modern literary Arabic language and dialects.

Ehsan Sadiq Mohammed Al Lawati emphasized that the dialects differ greatly from one another as well as from the literary language. For this reason, absence of mutual intelligibility is common for the peoples of different Arabic countries, and the Arabs who do not have proper training often do not understand literary language.

Dr. Ehsan Sadiq further stated that differences between literary language and other varieties occur mainly due to the inclusion of foreign words in lexicology. Talking about about grammatical differences, the speaker mentioned some phonetic changes and gave examples on the subject.

The two-day seminar was attended by scholars of Arabic studies, Oriental stuides and other people interested in the topic.

The seminar concluded with interesting discussions.

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