A two-day symposium on Ahmed bey Agaoglu, Outstanding Public and Political Figure of the Turkic World has started

21 October, 2019

A two-day symposium on Ahmed bey Agaoglu, Outstanding Public and Political Figure of the Turkic World, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of great thinker Ahmed bey Agaoglu, organized jointly by Azerbaijan Institute of Theology, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Istanbul Branch of Türk Ocakları and Istanbul Institute for Turkic Studies, has started.

National anthems of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey were performed at the event.

Welcoming the event attendees, Professor Ilyas Topsakal, Vice-Rector of the University of Istanbul, said that the mutual implementation of events plays a significant role in further reinforcement of the relations between the two countries. He noted that the implementation of the conference dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Ahmad Bey Agaoglu, is commendable as one of the common values of the two fraternal countries.

Greeting the guests and conference attendees, AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov said that this year will be the 150th anniversary of one of the great thinkers in our history, prominent publicist and critic, well-known lawyer and oriental scholar Ahmed Bey Agaoglu: “President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed the Order On the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Ahmed Bey Agaoglu No. 1109 dated April 10, 2019, and on July 3, 2019, and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved the Action Plan on the implementation of the order.”

AIT rector stressed that The Order signed by President Ilham Aliyev to celebrate the 150th anniversary of great thinker Ahmad Bey Agaoglu is a tribute and honor to the memory of the prominent public figure of the Turkic world who left deep marks in our history of public opinion.

J.Mammadov noted that the Institute attaches considerable importance to the promotion of our national-moral values, development of patriotic spirit, love and commitment to homeland, study of the life and creative activity of the prominent Azerbaijani thinkers. This event is also in this direction.

Mustafa Balci, Head o fthe Institute of Turkic Studies, Istanbul University, noted that prominent public figure, scholar and critic Ahmed bey Agaoglu is a well-known scholar not only in Azerbaijan but also in Turkey, the Middle East, Central Russia and Western Europe. Balci stressed that the genius thinker was a lover of freedom and democracy, a nationalist intellectual, and a great personality who combined all the positive traits and virtues of a human in his character.

Cezmi Bayram, Head of the Istanbul Branch of Türk Ocakları noted that despite the suffering, exile and deprivations in life, Ahmad Bey did not beware of telling the truth and struggled for the well-being of the people and the great Turkic world. The great thinker’s creative activity continued in a multidimensional and systematic way until his death reflecting his bond to his nation and culture.

MP Fazil Mustafa mentioned President Ilham Aliyev’s order dated April 10, 2019, on the 150th anniversary of Ahmed bey Agaoglu as a representation of veneration to the memory of the thinker. Noting that Ahmed bey Agaoglu had encyclopedic knowledge, he emphasized that Agaoglu was the first scholar who achieved to cease war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The event continues with panel discussions.

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