AIT instructor's book has been published

14 November, 2019

The monograph Religion and Philosophy in Medieval Islamic View by Elvusal Mammadov, Instructor at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), Researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of ANAS, has been published.

The monograph studies religious-philosophical relations in the medieval Islamic view in a complex way based on classical and modern sources. It analyzes the history of medieval Islamic Renaissance, rational processes and religious-philosophical relations, rational thinking in the Quran, the importance given to wisdom, rational view in the time of the Prophet and his Companions, the development of rational thinking in the early Islamic period and the role of internal and external factors in the formation of the first rational principles, the relationship of faith and wisdom in the non-philosophical rational Islamic view, the causes of the contradictions in this setting, place of religious dogmas in the methodological basis of rational religious studies, Sufism, faith and wisdom relations in the doctrines of The Brethren of Purity and Ishragi philosophy, the problem of religion and philosophy in meshshai teachings and other related ideas and concepts. It also shows the reasons why theologians criticize meshshai philosophers’ attempts to solve the problem of religious-philosophical relations, the inaccuracy of some traditional views on this problem, and the impossibility of contradiction in rationality and religion in Islam.

AIT Rector Jeyhun Mammadov notes in the preface that working on such a complex problem, the author used the works of medieval Islamic philosophers, thinkers and theologians to enhance the scholarly significance of the research, made critical comparisons, put forward several doctrines and elucidated various obscure moments. He also noted that the work contains a bulk of factual material and theoretical generalizations and is a complete research work on the theoretical study of the problem of religious-philosophical relations in Islamic studies.

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology carries out several projects concerning the publication of books and textbooks. Theological Publications project includes the publication of books by the Institute teachers and experts working in the field. Moreover, the Institute aims to investigate problems in theology, conduct and publish researches meeting international standards.

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