Students of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology attend webinar

16 February, 2021

Students of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) attended in a webinar on "Speaking is an art”.

The participants listened to Zaur Jahangirov's speech on the topic. The speaker first discussed the history of the culture of public speaking. He noted that public speaking consists of three main components - speaking, listening and thinking. Stressing that the development of fluency in modern times is an essential skill, Z.Jahangirov mentioned the significance of reading audio books for the formation of vocabulary. He said that to be a good speaker, we have to learn to listen: "The Chinese equivalent of “to listen” is “I give you my ears, my eyes, my heart and my attention.”

Z.Jahangirov informed the participants about the types of speech and gave examples of them. Speaking about religious rhetoric, the speaker cited the example of the Prophet Muhammad's Farewell Sermon.

Then participants discussed rhetoric problems.

It should be noted that the Azerbaijan Theological Institute attaches importance to the participation of students in various projects and seminars for the effective organization of their leisure time and realization of their proposals.

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