AIT Public Supervisory Board holds its online meeting

08 July, 2020

Public Supervisory Board under the leadership of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held its online meeting.

The meeting was held on Zoom and was attended by all board members.

Welcoming the participants, AIT rector Agil Shirinov noted that the educational process was postponed in all educational institutions to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He stressed that the current teaching process at AIT was initially conducted in the form of video lessons and later continued as online classes via Microsoft Teams in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education. Speaking about the advantages of the Microsoft Teams platform, the Rector noted that students who could not join classes remotely had the opportunity to use the program later.

The Rector then announced the decisions of the Academic Council on the rules of the exams and mentioned students’ participation, success and quality in the summer exam session.

Noting that the summer season coincides with a period of pandemic and special quarantine, the rector said that the Institute plans motivational trainings, competitions and contests as well as online courses are planned for students.

Professor Shahlar Asgarov, a member of the AIT Supervisory Board, said AIT is a scientific center that continues the centuries-old traditions of Islamic culture and gave his valuable recommendations on the process of education and training.

Educational expert Nadir Israfilov spoke about the advantage of online lessons as a new experience in our education during the pandemic.

MP Arzu Nagiyev stressed that AIT benefited from the experience of several world universities. Emphasizing the examples of distance education conducted by Western universities, he expressed appreciation about the use of best practices by the Institute.

Vugar Rahimzadeh, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Iki Sahil, noted that AIT has gained prestige in the country's socio-political life in a short period of time, and spoke highly of the publication of AIT staff’s articles in the world's leading academic journals.

Alimammad Nuriyev, Head of the Foundation for Constitutional Studies and a member of the Joint Human Rights Group, mentioned the significance of AIT for society and stressed the relevance of training religious specialists.

Anar Yusifoglu, Director of the Public-Political Programs Department of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, praised the activities of AIT and wished success to the Institute in the preparation of valuable specialists for the society.

Elshad Eyvazli, Head of, and Sevinj Garayeva, Correspondent of the newspaper 525th, joined the valuable opinions of the participants and wished AIT success in its future activities.

The establishment of the Public Supervisory Board aims to control the activities of AIT, organize effective interaction between the Institute and the public, ensure transparency, protect the rights of academic staff and students as well as provide suggestions for the improvement of the performance.

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