Azerbaijan Institute of Theology visited Ganja State University

12 April, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology continues its series of promotional events at secondary schools located in the regions of the country to attract highly educated students for the 2019-2020 academic year. To that end, the Institute visited Ganja.

AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov and Institute staff visited Ganja State University (GSU) and Imamzade Religious Complex.

AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov met Professor Yusif Yusibov, rector of Ganja State University. Mr. Yusibov mentioned the achievement and work carried out to improve the level of education at the University and increase the efficiency of teaching. He noted that the mutual relations between two higher education institutions would be effective for both sides.

Expressing his satisfaction with the meeting, AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov said he is interested in establishing mutual relations between two higher education institutions. Mr. Mammadov further gave detailed information about the activity of AIT and noted that the Institute continues its efforts to establish relations both with foreign and local higher education institutions.

The parties discussed bilateral academic cooperation; mutual benefit from experiences in topics of interest; joint conferences, seminars, academic researches and lectures; forms of teacher exchanges on joint subjects between two higher education institutions and organization of bilateral meetings within the summer school project.

AIT rector Jeyhun Mammadov and the Institute staff further visited Imamzade Religious Complex restored with the attention and care of President Ilham Aliyev. Elbrus Mammadov, religious community member of Ganja Imamzade mosque, said President Ilham Aliyev signed Decree on the restoration of the monument. According to the Decree, the reconstruction of the complex started in 2010 and was completed and put into use of Muslims in 2016. Dating back to the 8th century, also known as the Blue dome, the Blue Mosque or the Blue Imam, the monument is one of the most valuable religious and cultural examples of the city as well as the country.

The most valuable part of the sanctuary is a tomb. The fifth imam Ibrahim, the son of Mohammad Baqir, was buried here.

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