Azerbaijan Institute of Theology held a meeting with Garabagh veteran Kamil Musavi

25 June, 2019

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology held a meeting with Garabagh veteran Kamil Musavi on the occasion of June 26, Day of Armed Forces. Opening the event, Rector Jeyhun Mammadov congratulated the meeting attendees on the occasion of the holiday and noted that the development of a powerful army in the country is connected with the name of national leader Heydar Aliyev. The Rector emphasized that thanks to the special attention and care of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, the power of our army has been increased in recent years. Azerbaijan has become the most powerful state in the region and is capable of reacting to the enemy at any moment.

Jeyhun Mammadov noted that one of the most important directions of youth policy in the country is their patriotic upbringing. To this end, Azerbaijan Institute of Theology organizes various activities, conferences, roundtables, seminars and meetings to instil in students patriotic feelings and national-spiritual values.

The Rector emphasized the importance of instilling in students national and spiritual values and the sense of love for the motherland in a globalizing world.

Garabagh veteran Kamil Musavi outlined the April battles as a victory and called on young people to be ready for the protection of the country.

Kamil Musavi, who sustained severe injuries, mentioned the battles he participated in. The Garabagh veteran said that loving and protecting the homeland is possible through becoming an educated person.

Kamil Musavi responded to the questions from students and shared his recommendations for further strengthening of students’ patriotic feelings.

It is worth noting that Garabagh veteran Kamil Musavi lost his foot and one eye while performing the combat mission. He was awarded the medals of Vatan Namina and General Hazi Aslanov for the successful fulfillment of his duties.

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