AIT holds online webinar on Body Language

28 January, 2021

Student Scientific Society (SSC) of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) held an online webinar on Body Language.

Associate Professor Mammadali Babashli, Chairman of AIT Student Scientific Society, opened the webinar and said that SSC pays special attention to the efficient organization of students’ leisure time, their participation in various projects and educational seminars.

Orkhan Abishli, a third-year student of the institute, mentioned the importance of body language in the communication of individuals and the rules of its proper use.
Asaf Ganbarov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Theology, noted that the webinar aims to teach young people the proper use of body language in their personal and professional activities. The topic of discussion is to educate young people about the importance of body language in human life.

The webinar discussed the use of gestures and facial expressions, the right tone of voice and eye contact for effective communication.

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