AIT expands its international relations

14 October, 2021

Azerbaijan Institute of Theology signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nur-Mubarak Egyptian University of Islamic Culture in Kazakhstan. The online meeting, organized through the ZOOM program, was attended by heads and employees of higher education institutions.

Welcoming the delegation of Nur-Mubarak Egyptian University of Islamic Culture, AIT Rector Agil Shirinov provided extensive information about the Institute he represents. He said that education at the Institute, which offers bachelor's degrees in Religious and Islamic Studies, is tuition-free. Students are supported by the state's full care, which includes food, free textbooks, and clothing in addition to stipends.

Associate Professor A. Shirinov emphasized that the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Kazakhstan have a long history of cooperation, and that economic and cultural links between the two nations are now flourishing.

AIT rector also emphasized our triumph in the 44-day Patriotic War, highlighting Armenian atrocities against our material and cultural treasures in our homelands. Construction activity is currently underway in our freed regions, he remarked, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev. A number of mosques are being renovated, and new mosques are being built, as well as infrastructure projects.

Mohammed al-Shahhat al-Jindi, Rector of the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture Nur-Mubarak, congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on their victory. Al-Jindi provided thorough information about the institution he represents, including information on the Institute's existing specialties, teaching and research facilities. He noted that the institution is the only higher religious education institution located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

A bilateral cooperation agreement was then signed by the heads of higher education institutions.

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