Azerbaijan Institute of Theology held general meeting of Student Scientific Society

27 December, 2019

Annual general meeting of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) was held at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT).

Attended by AIT administration, teachers and students, the meeting discussed the objectives and future prospects of SSS.

Jeyhun Mammadov noted that the Institute organizes seminars, roundtables, trainings and meetings on various topics for the development of students’ world outlook, intellectual level, spiritual world as well as their involvement in academic researches. The Rector said that one of the most important tasks ahead is to guide students to academic activities and increase their involvement in this direction.

AIT rector further noted that one of the main goals of SSS is to identify potential students and involve them in academic researches. He said that strengthening student teacher relations to ensure the operative solution of students’ research problems is of great importance.

Nijat Ehtibaroghlu, Chairman of AIT SSS, informed the participants about the activities of the organization during the year. He noted that members of the organization worked on different projects and organized various meetings, seminars, roundtables for students.

The meeting participants further elected SSS members and supervisor by vote. Associate Professor Elvusal Mammadov was elected the supervisor of SSS. Associate Professor Mammadali Babashli was elected new chairman and PhD Vugar Samadov deputy chairman of SSS.

Associate Professor Mammadali Babashli informed the participants about the future activities of SSS and the action plan for the next year. Mentioning the tasks of SSS, M.Bashaşli said that the organization will be involved in promoting various forms of academic activity among studentsincreasing the interest of young people in research, motivating them to study research methods and facilitating the profound study of teaching materials.

The meeting also discussed the future activities of the organization.

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