Head of AIT Religious Stuides Department attended the international congress

30 September, 2019

Associate Professor Elnura Azizova, Head of the department of Religious Studies at Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT) attended the International Kutadgu Bilig Congress organized by the Turkish Language Association.

133 lectures on language, literature, history, culture and other topics were presented by the representatives of 15 countries at the International Kutadgu Bilig Congress held in accordance with UNESCO’s 2019 announcement of the 950th anniversary of the writing of Yusuf Khass Hajib’s (Yusif Balasaguni) Kutadgu Bilig.

Associate Professor Elnura Azizova mentioned the peculiarities of the governance rules written by Hajib of the Garakhanli State Yusif Balasaquni and Vizier of Seljuks Nizam-ul-Mulk in her lecture entitled “Work Ethics and Professions in Kutadgu Bilig and Siyasat-nama”. Elnura Azizova presented the main principles of work ethics in the early Turkic-Islamic societies in both works, attitudes to professions in these societies, position of artists in social life, the importance of working in terms of personal and public welfare as well as the world and other worldly balance.

E.Azizova has delivered speeches at more than 20 local and international academic conferences. Her book entitled Work Life and Professions in the Age of the Prophet was published in 2011-2018 by the ISAM Publishing House in Istanbul. In 2009, her thesis was awarded the Best Doctoral Thesis on Hadith and Siyar Studies. She is the co-author of 6 books published in the Republic and abroad and is the author of more than 30 articles.

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